Why is D24 not shown as a payment method in my store?

The credentials used in the setup process are not correct. Although it is very difficult for this to happen since there are the corresponding validations, it is a possibility that you should keep in mind, if it happens, verify that all steps have been completed correctly. If the problem persists, contact support.

How can I visualize more information about my transactions?

From the D24 panel, you will be able to get more details about your transactions.

Can I refund transactions?

From your Shopify store, in the order detail, you will have the Refund option with which you can return a transaction to your customer when required.

Is the status of the payment made through D24 updated in Shopify?

If the payment is in status: pending, approved or canceled, this status will be updated in your store.

Can I stop offering D24 as a payment method?

If you no longer wish to offer D24 as a means of payment in your store, go to Applications from Shopify and in the D24 app select the Uninstall option. Remember that when you want to offer the payment method again, you just have to reinstall the app.

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