Getting Started with D24

Get started with D24 by creating your own account on our Merchant Panel!

In order to get started with us, you must Sign Up in our Merchant Panel to get you created a Merchant Account you will use along the way!

Merchant Account

Sign Up

Once the Sign Up was requested, we will contact you and approve your Sign Up request.

Account Creation

As soon as we accept your request to start processing with us, you will receive an email to configure your account in our STG environment.


Our STG environment is a safe environment you can use to test your integration and any new features you need to test risk-free.

Once you are done with the integration, we will create you an account in our PRODUCTION environment!


Integrate the solution you are looking for and make sure everything is working smoothly 🤓

Go Live

When you have completed the integration step, you will want to start processing. For that you need an account in our PRODUCTION environment. You will be able to click on "Request Go Live" from the Home of the STG Merchant Panel.

We will receive your request, review your tests and if everything is fine, you will receive an email to activate your account in production.

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