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SPEI Offline

The SPEI offline feature will allow customers in Mexico to create deposits without having to go through the regular SPEI flow - going straight to make the payment, skipping the checkout part.

In these cases, the user transfers money to their previously used unique CLABE account, and we instantly get notified of this deposit made.

Upon receiving a notification regarding a new transfer that was not recorded in our system, we will take it into account and create the appropriate record based on various factors, to decide if this payment is accepted or not. To activate this functionality, please get in contact with your responsible Account Manager, or Technical Account Manager. It is also mandatory to provide us with a URL for a POST request, with the following body:

  "deposit_id": 123456789,
  "payer_account_number": "123456789123456789",
  "country": "MX",
  "document": "84932568207",
  "full_name": "John Doe",
  "date_of_birth": "19871027",
  "address": "Ruta 13, Mexico",
  "email": "jon.doe@example.com",
  "amount": 200,
  "currency": "MXN",
  "payment_method": "SEOF"

Field Descriptions

This JSON structure includes all the information required so we can enable this feature for your account.

The URL provided from your side should return either a 200 HTTP Status, in case the deposit wants to be approved, or a 400 status, which will indicate the rejection of a deposit. Any other status is considered as rejected payments.

Response Furthermore, you will have the option to return a response with the following fields on the body:

   "invoice_id" : "XXXXXX",
   "notification_url" : "https://url-example/ipn/deposit/XXXXXX

Since SPEI offline payments are not created via the API first, we generate a random "invoice_id" and use your default notification URL for the deposits (Found under settings --> API Access) If this information is returned from your side, we will use the values provided by you instead.

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