Cashout Update Status Endpoint

Learn how to use the endpoint to update the status of a cashout

Cashout Update Status Endpoint


This API allows you to change the status of a cashout








Control Signature

Request Body




Your D24 CASHOUTS API login key



Your D24 CASHOUTS API pass key



The ID of the cashout to asign status to. It is the one generated by D24 when the cashout was created



The status to be assigned to the cashout

    "cashout_status": 1,
    "cashout_status_description": "Completed"

    "cashout_status": 3,
    "cashout_status_description": "Rejected",
    "rejection_code": 0,
    "rejection_reason": "Test"


This API is used to update a cashout from PENDING to ON_HOLD or from ON_HOLD to PENDING.

A cashout in ON_HOLD won't be processed until you set it back to PENDING. This is useful in cases where you need to perform some form of KYC over the beneficiary before proceeding with the request.

You can create a cashout in ON_HOLD by specifying the flag on_hold: true on the cashout creation request.

Only cashouts in PENDING status can be updated to ON_HOLD. Once the cashout was sent to the bank, it will change to DELIVERED at which point it can't be cancelled anylonger

If a cashout is ON_HOLD and you would like to definitely cancel it, please see the Cashout Cancellation Endpoint

Cashouts in ON_HOLD retain the amounts from your balance, so be careful to not accumulate cashouts in this status for long time.

Cashout Update Status Request

Request Example

Content-Type: application/json 
Payload-Signature: 2e5023770760ea0a02230bff1a6dab934fe3b47a5e3d43854b58676600ee3868 

   "login": "cashout_login",  
   "pass": "cashout_pass", 
   "cashout id": "97875"
   "status": "ON_HOLD"

Request Fields Description



String. Length 32 max

Your D24 CASHOUTS API Key, it can be found on the Merchant Panel: Settings -> API Access. Notice there are specific Cashout credentials


String. Length 32 max

Your D24 CASHOUTS API Passphrase, it can be found on the Merchant Panel: Settings -> API Access. Notice there are specific Cashout credentials



Identifier of the cashout on D24 end. It is the one returned by the Create Cashout Endpoint



Status to be assigned to the cashout. Valid values: PENDING, ON_HOLD

Request Payload Signature

The Payload-Signature of the Cashout Update Status Endpoint is calculated by hashing the whole JSON payload of the request using HMAC256 and your secret key (API Signature) to encrypt it.

Click here for further instructions.

Cashout Update Status Response

Error Response Example

    "code": 510,
    "message": "Invalid status transition"



Error code



Description of the error

Status Flow

Click here to see each Cashout Status meaning.

Cashout Status Flow

  1. DECLINED: The DECLINED status is not a status by itself. It means the transaction couldn't be created because of an error with the data, the customer or the merchant configuration. No transaction will change its status from DECLINED.

  2. PENDING: Once the cashout is in PENDING status, it means it was successfully created and that it will be send for processing soon, changing to DELIVERED. It can also be manually changed to ON_HOLD or CANCELLED.

  3. ON_HOLD: A cashout will be created with ON_HOLD status only if specified while creating the cashout with on_hold: true. Otherwise, it can be manually set to ON_HOLD from the Merchant Panel. If a cashout is ON_HOLD, it won't be send for processing until you manually go and set it to PENDING from the Merchant Panel. It can still be CANCELLED.

  4. CANCELLED: It means you didn't want to proceed with the cashout and it was CANCELLED through the Merchant Panel or through the Cancel Cashout Endpoint. Final status.

  5. DELIVERED: As soon as the cashout is sent to the bank for processing, its status will change to DELIVERED. At which point it can't be cancelled anymore.

  6. COMPLETED: If the cashout was successfully completed, its status will be set to COMPLETED. Final status*.

  7. REJECTED: If the cashout was rejected by the bank, its status will be set to REJECTED. Final status.

  • There are cases in which the bank confirms us that a payout was successful and after a few days, it gets rejected by the beneficiary's bank therefore the status on our platform will change to REJECTED as well. Those are very corner cases but should be considered.

Status codes

Check all the possible status codes in the following page:

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