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Payment Methods


Check with your commercial representative regarding other countries and payment methods not in these lists.

You can retrieve the payment methods your account has enabled by using the Payment Methods endpoint.

On the Merchant Panel you can check what Payment Methods your account has enabled by going to the "Payment Methods" section on the left menu. The Payment Method availability is real time updated on the panel.


  1. Notice that not every payment method is available in Staging. Check on each country's table the available ones.

  2. Some methods may not be available within an iframe due to our processor's security requirements. Check on each country's table the available ones. In those cases, we will ask the customer to open the payment page on a new window.

  3. The checkouts may differ between STG and PROD in the cases we use different providers.


Some payment methods allows you to display the payment information directly on your website, without having to redirect the customer to an external website. Those methods are so called "ONE_SHOT" and are part of our OneShot Experience: OneShot. When creating a payment of this kind, we will return you all the fields you need to display to your customer on a metadata object and a URL to redirect the customer in case the payment requires so.

In case the flow is "REDIRECT", we will generate a link so that you can redirect the customer to the page where they will insert any missing details and see the payment instructions.




In the ONE_SHOT flow, you will receive all the details needed to build a payment page on your own website. For example, the Boleto's number, barcode, expiration, amount, payment link, etc.


In the REDIRECT flow, we will respond you with a link you should use to redirect your customers so they can pay.

The ONE_SHOT and REDIRECT flows depends upon provider's availability. In order for us to provide you with the most efficient service, we may switch between service providers who doesn't support ONE_SHOTflows, hence your cashier should be able to adapt to both scenarios.

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