Technical and Security Aspects

Learn about the technical and security aspects of our Reconciliation API


The Merchant API requires you to authenticate with the email and password of a user account you will have to create on the Merchant Panel. Once you request to authenticate to the Login Endpoint, we will respond with a cookie called BEARER_TOKEN containing a token you have to use in the next API calls to remain authenticated.

The BEARER_TOKEN cookie will expire after 15 minutes of its last request. Otherwise you may use the Logout Endpoint to invalidate the cookie for future usages.

Technical and Security Aspects

Secure Connections: All the communications between you and the Merchants API has to be performed through secure connections over HTTPS.

User access: Only users set up to use this API can get information from it. Others wonโ€™t be allowed in..

IP restrictions: Only connections from the whitelisted IPs will be accepted. This measure ensures that only designated sources can access the API.

Login Requirements: You'll need both your email and password to use this API. This helps to ensure only authorised users can get in.

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