Reconciliation API

The Reconciliation API allows you to automatize your reconciliation tasks


For your reconciliation tasks, you can always download the reports of each kind of transaction from the Merchant Panel. In case you would like to automatize it, we offer the solution described below to retrieve the transactions reports.


The Reconciliation API allows you to retrieve the details of one or a list of transactions on demand at any time.

The responses will be in JSON format, which you can then parse to the format you would be more confortable with (.CSV as example).

Before start using the Reconciliation API, there are some configurations requiring your attention. The IPs you will use have to be whitelisted, and the credentials to authenticate are from a user account you create in the Merchant Panel.

Reconciliation API Flow

To integrate this API, you will use our STG environment. Once the integration is completed, you will move to our Production environment. Described below is the flow of usage of the Reconciliation API:

1 - Register: create a user on our Staging Merchant Panel. You won't be able to use this account to log in through the web once it was configured for using with the API.

2 - Configure the account: send an email to containing the email address you created the user's account with and the list of IPs you would like to whitelist to set up the account for the API usage.

3 - Integrate: once our Integration team has configured your account, you can start integrating the API in our STG environment.

4 - Login: login by using the email and password from step 1 using the Login Endpoint.

5 - Consult details: hit our Transactions Endpoints to retrieve the desired details.

6 - Logout: as soon as you've finished the activities, you may need to use the Logout Endpoint to terminate the session.

7 - Move to Production: as soon as you have completed the tests and you would like to start using it in our Production environment, please repeat steps 1 and 2 using our Production Merchant Panel.

Initial Configurations

In order to start using the Reconciliation API, you will need to create a user account and whitelist the IPs. Please see the below two sections and follow by sending an email to adding the e-mail address you registered as well as the IPs requiring to be whitelisted.

Have in mind that once configured, this new account won't work to login from the web, but from the API instead. Once your tests are completed, please create a user account in the Production Merchant Panel.

Whitelist the IPs

Having in mind that you are able to hit the Merchants API only from the whitelisted IPs, you will need to collect the required IPs and send them to the Integration team.

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