Perform KYC validations over your customers information

This API allows you to improve your KYC (Know Your Customer) process by validating customers' identities, frictionless and in real time.

We perform validations over the following information:

  1. The Document of Identity:

    1. The status of the customer is verified against our own databases for blockages or previous fraudulent behavior

    2. The financial situation of the customer on their country

    3. The age and name

  2. The Email Address:

    1. The validity and if it exists

    2. The fraud risk of the domain

    3. The fraud risk of the email address

  3. The Phone Number:

    1. The validity and if it exists

    2. The fraud risk of the phone number

  4. The Bank Account:

    1. The validity and if it exists

We also share with you a proprietary score that gives you the fraud-risk of the customer.

With all this information, you and your compliance team can start identifying and preventing fraudulent users from affecting your operations by automating your KYC process, or manually when your agents require more information about one of your users:

See how to integrate to the KYC API by clicking below:

KYC Endpoint

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