Streamline API

This documentation is meant only to support old integrations and should not be integrated anymore. For the latest Deposits Documentation click here.

Streamline Integration

The Streamline API allows you to create payments via Online Bank Payment, Cash Payment or Credit Card Methods. The customer doesn't need to visit a D24 page to enter any details, so the payment process is “Streamlined”. However, in order for Streamline to work, D24 needs you to collect some key data about the customer (email address and personal identity number – eg CPF number in Brazil).

Streamline Deposit Flow

Find below the description of a deposit flow using the D24 Streamline integration:    

1 - The client goes to the Merchant's Deposit page.

2 - 3 - The merchant calls the D24 get_banks_by_country API, to retrieve the available payment methods for the customer's country.

4 - The merchant displays the local payment options, such as Caixa in Brazil or Bancomer or Visa in Mexico. (*)

5 - The customer fills the required information on the Deposit page, such as the amount to deposit, and submits his deposit request.

6 - The merchant calls the D24 New Invoice API with all the deposit related information (Merchant Credentials + Control-Signature + Mandatory/Optional fields including customer details).

We will verify the customer data (personal id and data consistency, according to our KYC policies), to establish whether the customer can proceed with the transaction, or not.

7 - 8 - The API responds with a link to redirect the customer to the local payment method checkout/deposit information:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: to a credit card processor page for card data entry.

  • Online Bank Payment: to their online bank account to log in and complete the payment.

  • Cash Payment Methods: to a printable copy of their payment advice, which they can use to pay.

9 - The customer makes the Cash Deposit, the Electronic Bank Transfer or the Credit/Debit Card payment.

10 - After the payment has been made, the customer is returned to your site (to whichever “Return URL” you specified or have configured in the Merchant Panel). See Return URL.

11 - Once the payment is confirmed by the Bank/Credit Card company, D24 will send the transaction result to your confirmation URL. See Confirmation URL.

Notice that D24 is not displayed as a way of payment itself, only the local payment methods are offered to the customer.

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