Hybrid API

This documentation is meant only to support old integrations and should not be integrated anymore. For the latest Deposits Documentation click here.

Hybrid Integration

The Hybrid Integration allows you to simply redirect your customers to a check-in page of us. Therefore, you avoid having to ask and validate all the customers details.

Hybrid Deposit Flow

After you generate a request through the Hybrid API, we will respond you back with a unique link you can store and use to redirect the customer to our check-in page where we will show them all the different Payment Methods you have for the country you specified at the time of doing the request. You can also opt for sending the payment method from your cashier hence it won't be asked again to the user. The customer then will fill in all the details needed. After that, we will redirect them to the payment method checkout page to complete the payment.

- Choose payment method

- Complete missing details

- Pay

1 - The customer requests to deposit in your site.

2 - You use our API to request a link. Here you specify the customer's country, the amount to deposit, a customer's ID and a unique ID that will identify the deposit on our Merchant Panel.

3 - We respond you back with a link you can store and use to redirect the customer at any time.

4 - The customer selects the Payment Method, completes the information required and click on "Confirm details".

5 - At this point, if all the details were correct we will create the deposit in Pending state and redirect the customer to:

  • Credit/Debit Cards: to a credit card processor page for card data entry.

  • Online Bank Payment: to their online bank account to log in and complete the payment.

  • Cash Payment Methods: to a printable copy of their payment advice, which they can use to pay.

You will be able to see the Deposit details and status in our Merchant Panel or through our Deposit Status API using the unique ID you specified early.

6 - The customer makes the Cash Deposit, the Electronic Bank Transfer or the Credit/Debit Card payment.

7 - After the payment has been made, the customer is returned to your site (to whichever “Return URL” you specified or have configured in the Merchant Panel).

8 - Once the payment is confirmed by the Bank/Credit Card company, D24 will send the transaction result to your confirmation URL.

Notice that D24 is not displayed as a way of payment itself, only the local payment methods are offered to the customer.

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