Easy Cashouts notifications logic


As soon as the customer completes all of the details in the Easy Cashout page and confirms the request, the cashout request will be created in our Backoffice with Pending status.

Once we send the cashout request to the bank for processing, we will change its status to Delivered and so a notification will be sent to the notification_url specified on the request or to Withdrawal URL you should have configured on the Merchant Panel by going to Settings -> API Access -> Withdrawal URL.

When the bank tell us that the cashout was either successful or rejected, we will change its status to Completed or Rejected respectively, sending a notification to the URL mentioned above.

The notifications will be sent in JSON format and will contain the values shown in the examples below.

  "cashout_id": 60339,
  "cashout_status": 1,
  "cashout_status_description": "Completed",
  "external_id": "test90910"

  "cashout_id": 60340,
  "cashout_status": 3,
  "cashout_status_description": "Rejected",
  "external_id": "test5809",
  "rejection_code": 0,
  "rejection_reason": ""

Click here to see all the possible cashout_status codes.

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