Easy Cashout API

Easy Cashout API Introduction

Easy Cashout API Integration

With this cashout integration, you redirect your customer to an external checkout page hosted by D24 to collect customer's bank account details for cashouts.

Having this integration, facilitates you the collection of all the customer's details since we will take care of the data validation and input forms.

Find below the description of a cashout flow using the D24 Easy Cashout integration:

1 - Upon your customer's request, you submit a cashout request through the Easy Cashout-Request API.

2 -3 - The API responds with a link to D24 cashout checkout page, you redirect your customer to that URL*. At this point, the cashout is in CREATED state.

4 - The customer goes to the D24 page and finishes the request, completing the bank account details.

After this point, the flow is the same as the regular cashout process, the cashout stays in PENDING status until sent to the bank for processing, at which point it will change to DELIVERED. As soon as the bank confirms us if it was successful or not, the status will change to COMPLETED or REJECTED respectively.

* You can store the link and redirect your customer at any time, send it over email or how you find most suitable.

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